Wear Recofit™Compression Components™ during and after exercise, while you’re sleeping, relaxing or while you’re on a plane.  They’ll help your muscles perform and recover faster and more efficiently so you’re better prepared for your next effort and your next day.

IMPORTANT: The RecoFit calf sleeves are right- and left-specific, which is necessary to ensure proper fit an optimal benefits.  Be sure the small RecoFit logo near the bottom hem sits over the outside ankle.

Who Should Wear RecoFit™Compression Components™?

– People who stand at their job for extended periods               – Pregnant women

– People who travel long distances in cars and planes             – Diabetics

– Athletes                                                                            – Anyone with poor circulation


My name is Susan Eastman Walton, president of Move Sport, Inc. and the aging athlete behind RecoFit. Cycling is my sport of choice but it isn’t always convenient or efficient due to time or weather, and that’s when I run. Running has its challenges, though, as I am prone to shin splints, among other things. After just 35 minutes, the aches and pains would begin.My hardcore running friends remind me to buy new shoes regularly (I do), wear my orthotics (I do) and ice after every run (uh, I don’t). I often complained to my husband that I wished there was something preventative rather than reactive I could do to address these issues. As a sportswear manufacturer, he is a performance-fabric expert. He suggested we further explore the compression concept, which was already on the market but I hadn’t found anything that I liked because I’m choosy about my socks. I wanted the versatility of different socks for running, hiking and biking while supporting the calf muscles. I also wanted something that didn’t look geriatric. They needed to look cool!We came up with a high-tech-looking “sleeve.” I tested them on Stylexa runs, tweaked their fit and then wore a pair in the 2008 Bolder Boulder, an event I haven’t done since the mid-1980s. It’s 6.2 miles on pavement and I was dreading the resulting damage. I was thrilled to find my legs feeling as good at the finish line as they did at the start. But the big test would be the next day: Would my shins be tender and achy? Much to my surprise, there was no pain, as if I hadn’t even run the race. I was amazed, named them RecoFit for RECOvery and FITness and my new business was born! Yes, this is new territory for me but not illogical. For more than 20 years I was a journalist, editor and publicist in the sports world, writing for local and national publications. I was the media director for numerous events, including the Coors Pro Ski Tour, the Coors International Bicycle Classic and the 1986 World Cycling Championships, and I co-founded Inside Communications, Inc., former publisher of VeloNews and Inside Triathlon magazines.All along I was a weekend warrior and occasionally competed in 10k races and run-bike duathlons. But as a sports medicine doctor told me during an exam for a sore knee several years ago, “You’re over 40, you’ve worked out your whole life, you’ve run out of free miles.”Well, RecoFit compression components have made it possible for me to again do one-hour runs and stay injury-free. I don’t aspire to be on the level of the pro athletes I’ve written about over the years, but it looks as if I’ve still got some free miles in me!

Whether you are an athlete, work on your feet all day, are pregnant or have circulation issues, I hope you find these products help you, too.

Why You Need Marquee Hire for Your Outdoor Event

There may be a dozen things on your to do list as you prepare for your special outdoor event. You may be planning a birthday party, a wedding reception or some other special event, and you may have made the great decision to host your event at a beautiful outdoor location. When you envision your event, you may think about your guests dancing under the moonlight while a band plays or guests meandering to a buffet table making idle conversation with other party-goers. However, if you want your event to be executed as you have envisioned, you need to set up marquee hire Melbourne or Sydney.

While marquee hire Sydney or Melbourne is not a firm requirement, there are several good reasons why you should include a marquee with your efforts. A primary reason to schedule marquee hire is to give you some protection from the weather. You may be lucky enough to have ideal weather for your event, but you can never count on the weather to be ideal on any given day. Because of this, you need to plan for any type of conditions. A marquee provides you with an excellent way to prepare for wind, extreme temperatures, rain and other conditions.

Marquee hire Sydney or Melbourne makes it easy for your to create the ideal ambiance for your event as well. In addition to helping you control the climate for your party, you can also easily decorate the space. You can hang a disco ball over the dance floor, string lights overhead, add overhead speakers to various corners of the venue and more. You can also more easily incorporate electronics, a dance floor and other elements that may not be weatherproof into your venue.

It is not a requirement to book marquee hire Melbourne by or Sydney for an outdoor event. However, with the many benefits this type of feature can provide, you can see that this is indeed needed to host a great outdoor party.

A Look at RCG Courses in Sydney

In Australia, professionals who provide gambling services to consumers are required to provide those gambling services responsibly. This approach is often referred to as Responsible Conduct of Gambling, and RCG courses in Sydney allow area professionals to earn their RCG certification. An RCG certificate is required by law when working in an environment where gambling is present.

What RCG Courses Are

Australian law outlines the conditions needed to possess an RCG certificate. The law requires a certain level of knowledge and awareness, and a person proves that understanding by successfully completing a written examination. The goal of RCG courses in Sydney is to provide the student that knowledge and awareness and prepare him or her to complete the examination successfully. Most courses conclude by having the student take the exam. A successfully completed exam is then passed to the local authority, which then provides the certification and physical certificate. Note that the courses themselves are not governed, but training institutions are usually licensed to conduct the RCG exams.

The Benefits of Such Courses

The most obvious benefit of RCG courses Sydney from Catch NSW is that it allows a person to be hired for a position that requires it. Consider that a bartender requires an RSA license, and without such certification, a person cannot work as a bartender and, in some cases, even work in an establishment where alcohol is sold. Note that employers will sometimes require RCG certification even when the law does not. This can occur because the law requires some of its employees to possess such a license, and it is simply easier to require all employees to do so.

Who Takes These Courses

Dealers and croupiers must have RCG certification. In fact, nearly anyone working inside a casino must. That includes hosts, waiters and bartenders. The need is not limited to just casinos. Consider that most bars in Sydney have pokies on the premises. That means that any bartender, host, server or busboy requires the certification. A dishwasher may not need the certification technically because he or she does not work on the serving floor, but this is one of those instances mentioned earlier where the employer may require it anyway.

Why You Need RCG Courses

Taking RCG courses in Sydney and having that certification is simply an extra tool in your toolbox. The courses are relatively inexpensive and usually take less than half a day to complete, and they can open up many opportunities for someone working in the gambling, restaurant and related industries.

Benefits of RSA Courses in Sydney

RSA courses in Sydney are the perfect solution for those who work in the world of alcohol. Whether you are a bar tender, a retail assistant or whether you work in any part of the service industry where alcohol is served it is important that you understand how to sell responsibly. The RSA stands for responsible sale of alcohol and is one of the most important courses you can do. With RSA courses in Sydney there are tons of benefits you can enjoy…

Make your environment better

If you work within the alcohol retail business or service industry then you want to feel comfortable with your environment. Having drunk and intoxicated people can be uncomfortable and makes your workspace an unpleasant place to be in. you can reduce the negative impacts of drunken people on the premises by ensuring that you adhere to the training you undertook on your RSA course in Sydney.

Help the community

Alcohol can be a lot of fun especially in social scenarios and as long as it is consumed responsibly. RSA courses Sydney with will teach you all about alcohol and the impacts it has on the world around you which can help you to determine how to sell it sensibly. Unfortunately alcohol abuse can be very damaging to all involved and this is why it is your reasonability to be careful about selling it.

Be confident

Knowing the law when it comes to selling alcohol is also incredibly important as it reduces the risk of you making a bad decision and getting punished for it. With RSA courses in Sydney you can find out exactly what the law is when it comes to the retail of alcohol and this can give you the boost of confidence you need to do your job properly.